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As Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School is a day school, satisfactory homestay arrangements must be made for each student. Suitable accommodation is a vital part of a student’s happiness and thus her progress at the School. It is the School’s policy that all students live in a homestay arrangement, receiving full board with her own room and meals supplied. The homestay arrangements provide further valuable experience in aspects of Australian living. Homestay families are carefully selected to be supportive and appropriate placements for international students.

Should an international student have family members who live close to the School with whom she can stay, details must be completed on the Accommodation section of the Application for Enrolment form or the School will assist in arranging suitable accommodation for a student. The cost of such accommodation is approximately $315 per week plus $10 for internet access.

Family nominated homestay provider must:

  • be a relative over 21 years of age
  • be either a permanent resident or have a visa that enables him/her to remain in Australia until the student completes her secondary studies
  • be of good character
  • meet the School’s requirements for homestays
  • all members of the household over 18 years of age must have a current Working With Children Check (forms available from the Post Office)

Should the family be unable to arrange a suitable homestay the School will do so. The School provides homestays through Student Accommodation Services . All homestay providers are screened to ensure their suitability. 

The School will not approve of students living alone or sharing with other students.

It is a condition of the student’s visa that guardianship and homestay arrangements are maintained for the duration of her period of study at the School. Should the need arise for a change to either arrangement, it must be discussed with and approved by her parents, the Director of Admissions and International Student Coordinator before any action is taken. This requirement for prior approval by the School for any changes to guardianship or homestay arrangements is to ensure that the School fulfils its obligations to the student, her parents and Department of Immigration.

* Current as at 1 February 2018

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