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Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School has several dedicated parent groups, who assist and support the School and its activities throughout the year:


Cooerwull recognises service to the School and provides opportunities for current and past parents, staff and others who have served Ivanhoe Girls’ to meet socially and retain links to the School community. It is also the registered company through which financial donations to Ivanhoe Girls’, such as bequests, are recognised.

Membership is open to anyone who has been a committee member of an Ivanhoe Girls' Association, or has been a staff member at Ivanhoe Girls', for five years or more. Financial donations can be made at any time and also provide Cooerwull membership.

Cooerwull activities include:

  • annual presentation event to recognise service and present awards for milestones and contributions
  • social occasions for members to be involved in the current life of the School
  • Mentoring Program to assist past students with their career choices.

Friends of Music Association

The Friends of Music Association supports and promotes music within the School community and aims to create friendships through this common interest.

The Association fosters and maintains a close link between the School community and the Music Department by:

  • fundraising for a wide range of activities, including scholarships, tours and the purchase of equipment for the Music Department, such as new banners, sconce lighting for music stands, a portable sound system and mixing desk
  • providing a mobile workforce for those occasions where extra hands are needed, such as the occasional working bee to help with the minor maintenance of equipment, assisting with stage management and supper at musical functions
  • encouraging a social network for parents, students and friends who share a common interest in music.

Greek Parents' Association

The Greek Parents’ Association was established in 1974 by a group of School parents with Greek heritage. Their aim is to celebrate all things Greek, including dance and music, and provide ongoing support to the School community and our children.

Each year the Association organises a dinner dance for the School community which is held at the end of May.

IGOGA - The Ivanhoe Girls' Old Grammarians' Association

The Ivanhoe Girls’ Old Grammarians’ Association (IGOGA) invites all past students of the School to become Life Members when they leave the School. The Association encourages girls to maintain contact with the School and each other to provide mutual support, networks and friendships.

IGOGA activities include:

  • a wide variety of events providing an opportunity for past students to maintain links with the School and fellow past students
  • a bi-annual newsletter, the Grammarian Association Bulletin (GAB)
  • presenting the School Captain’s Badge, Vice Captain’s Badge and Junior School Captain’s Badge
  • presenting the Elspeth Dean Award, Jean Willey Bursary and Jean Chapman Memorial Prizes for Visual Arts for Year 9 and Year 11.

President: Rachel Connor
Secretary: Liz Taylor

Contact IGOGA

PO Box 61, Ivanhoe VIC 3079
T: 03 9457 7808
M: 0409 948 023

Mothers' Association

The Mothers’ Association aims to inform and connect members, support the interests and welfare of the students and the School through various social events and fundraising. A regular feature of many meetings is a guest speaker from the School community.

Mothers’ Association activities include:

  • Second Life Uniform Shop
  • two Welcome Morning Teas at the beginning of each year, one for Year 7 parents and one for all new parents
  • Mothers’ Day Luncheon, held in May
  • Christmas Luncheon, held in late Term 4
  • supporting Open Day, the Year 11 Dinner Dance and Year 12 Graduation Ball.

The Parents and Friends' Association

The Parents and Friends’ Association builds effective partnerships between the School and community through:

  • coordinating and assisting with seminars on topical issues for students, staff and parents 
  • promoting awareness of educational issues 
  • financially assisting the development of educational facilities, including the Careers and Counselling Centre’s Parent Library 
  • encouraging a sense of fellowship amongst parents 
  • arranging fun family events which offer the opportunity to build relationships while raising funds to support the Association’s objectives. 

The Parents and Friends' Association runs a number of social functions each year including the Annual Trivia Night, and assists on the School’s Open Day and at the Year 12 Valedictory Service.  

All current parents, staff, past students and their parents are automatically members of the Association. New parents are very welcome and are encouraged to join the committee and become actively involved in the School community. Committee members have a lot of fun while getting an insight into how the School operates.   

Ivanhoe Girls' Snowsports

The Ivanhoe Girls' Snowsports Committee consists of parents of students involved in Alpine skiing, snowboarding and cross country skiing. The focus of the Committee is to give the girls an excellent on-snow experience, regardless of whether they have skied or snowboarded before.

The Committee supports dedicated staff through fundraising, social activities and assisting with training and competitions at Mt Buller, Lake Mountain and Falls Creek. All parents interested in joining are welcome.

Parent representatives

At the beginning of the year, parent representatives are invited from each class in the Junior School and each year level in the Senior School to coordinate and encourage social interactions between the School and families.

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