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General Welfare

Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School prides itself on being a School with a very caring environment; a factor that is particularly important for international students for whom there may not be an immediate family support system. The School has clear guidelines in relation to the selection and care of international students thus enabling their happiness and success while at Ivanhoe Girls’.

Staff Responsibilities

The pastoral care of overseas students is the responsibility of Year Level Coordinators, the International Student Coordinator and tutors who all contribute to monitoring the students' academic progress and attendance and ensuring that the students are integrated into the life of the School.

The Director of Admissions is responsible for Department of Immigration requirements for girls in terms of passports, visas and Overseas Student Health Cover.

The International Student Coordinator liaises with the Year Level Coordinator to closely monitor pastoral issues related to each girl. The International Student Coordinator is responsible for making recommendations to the Principal or the Head of Senior School in terms of appropriate management strategies for guardianship and living arrangements, financial arrangements, academic progress, absenteeism and assimilation into the Year Level.

The Director of Corporate Services is responsible for financial matters.

The Heads of Curriculum together with other staff are responsible for subject choice, career and tertiary course information.

The Principal and the Head of Senior School are available for follow up of any issues that may arise.


Parents, guardians and homestay hosts should contact the International Student Coordinator in the first instance should matters of concern arise. 

Student diaries should be used by each student to record homework and deadlines for work. The diaries contain information about a range of matters such as important dates for events in the School year, uniform requirements, expectations of student behaviour and many other matters.

A fortnightly newsletter is sent electronically every second Thursday. The School is able to arrange email of the Newsletter to parents overseas, guardians and homestay hosts.

Reports are issued electronically at end of Semesters 1 and 2. A copy of the report is sent to each student. Also, further copies are sent to parents and guardians. 

Learning Progress Interviews are held during Semester 1 and also during Term 3. Guardians must attend these interviews together with the students.

Counselling and tertiary study

Education information and general welfare matters are handled by the School Counsellor and Year Level Coordinators as with local students. A number of staff with skills in appropriate languages may be called on to assist in translation where appropriate.

The School has a well developed system to provide career advice and information concerning tertiary selection for all students. A specific Tertiary Information session for international students is arranged each year. This is in addition to the other careers advice available for all students.


International students are required to attend all classes unless they are unwell. Any extended absence or absence from VCE assessment requires a medical certificate. Guardians or homestay hosts should notify the School should a student be unable to attend School.

Students are expected to attend School for the whole of each term, that is, to arrive in time to commence School on the published commencement date and to finish on the correct date at the end of each term.

To view the School course progress and attendance policy click here

Procedures for resolving student grievances

All students are cared for as individuals and any problem therefore is dealt with individually.

A number of people take responsibility for caring for International Students and act as required.

In the first instance, should a student have a grievance that needs to be resolved, she should consult either her Year Level Coordinator, her tutor or the International Student Coordinator.

If necessary, the student or staff member may refer the matter to the Head of Senior School, the Business Manager, the Director of Admissions, School Counsellors or Year Level Coordinators.

The Principal has the final responsibility internally of resolution of any student grievance.

Should it be necessary, the School has secured and will cover the cost of the services of an external mediator.

Orientation Programs for International Students

All new international students commencing at Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School at the beginning of the school year are invited to attend orientation activities in November/December prior to commencement if they are in Melbourne at that time.
In addition to the general orientation programs, all new international students are required to attend a specific International Student Orientation Program conducted by the International Student Coordinator and Director of Admissions with the assistance of the International Prefects. This session is held at the end of January to cater for those students who have recently arrived in Melbourne as well as those who have been here for some time.

Ongoing orientation to the School is provided during the Secondary English Preparation Program.

School based orientation
New international students attend an interview with the Director of Admissions and International Student Coordinator before commencement. This may occur in the year prior to commencement or very soon after arrival in Australia. 
At the interview information is gathered about the student and her interests. During the interview subject choices are made. Each student is given the International Students’ Handbook. Assistance is given to order books, purchase uniforms and access the School's Learning Management System. 
Daily administrative procedures such as notification of absence, uniform guidelines, School behaviour expectations, specific visa requirements regarding guardians and homestays and Term dates are discussed (these are also detailed in the International Student Handbook).

Local area orientation
Homestay providers assist students to become familiar with the local area. School staff such as tutors, International Student Coordinator and Director of Admissions also assist in this orientation. This includes providing information about transport routes, transport cards and ticket purchasing, banking and the location of shopping areas and medical and dental facilities.

Download our International Student Orientation Policy

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