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The School requires that all international students, irrespective of age, have a guardian. The guardian may be appointed by the student’s parents or may be appointed by the School if the parents are unable to provide a guardian.

The person taking on the guardianship role must:

  • be a relative or family friend over 21 years of age
  • be either a permanent resident or have a visa that enables him/her to remain in Australia until the student turns 18 or her visa expires
  • have a current Working With Children Check (forms available from the Post Office)

The School expects the guardian to accept responsibility for all aspects of the student’s welfare whilst the student is enrolled at the School.

The School would expect a guardian to act, as necessary, in such matters as discipline, attendance, scholastic progress and accommodation arrangements for the student, and to exercise an overview of the student’s activities out of normal school hours to ensure that the student’s welfare and interests are protected. A form must be signed by the guardian accepting this responsibility.

Where a student has no family in Melbourne able to act as guardian, the School will assist in providing a guardian. The cost of this service may vary depending on the arrangements made. Guardianship may be arranged by one of two companies: International Student Alliance (ISA): or Professional Student Care (PSC): Costs are approximately $2,000* per year. Details are available from the Admissions office.

* Current as at February 2018

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