House System | Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School

House System

Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School has six Houses, with names taken from the novel Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott.

Each student is allocated to a House. Students with relatives who attended the School are allocated to the same house. The Ivanhoe Girls’ Houses and their colours are:

  • Ashby - Red
  • Locksley - White
  • Oswald - Green
  • Rotherwood - Blue
  • Rowena - Yellow
  • York – Purple.

House activities provide girls with valuable leadership and teamwork experiences. The cross-age nature of many activities also facilitates nurturing relationships between girls of different age levels.

House sports and activities held every year include an Art and Craft and Photography Competition, athletics, basketball, cross country, hockey, netball, a Performing Arts Carnival, soccer, softball, swimming and many other individual and team events.

Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School

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