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Message from our School Captains

Looking back on the last five years at Ivanhoe Girls', the impact the School has had in shaping us into empowered individuals is clear to see. One of the most notable features of Ivanhoe Girls' is the emphasis on being strong and confident young women. In the unique and amazingly supportive environment that is Ivanhoe Girls’, we have both been encouraged to be unafraid to speak up and to step out of our comfort zones. Not only are there unbreakable bonds between the girls of the School, but also the rapport between the students and teachers creates an encouraging and welcoming atmosphere. This permits students to develop fully and thrive in a nurturing environment.

Students with a range of different interests and passions can find a place to call home at Ivanhoe Girls'. Through the plethora of co-curricular activities the School offers, including Music, Drama and Sport, students are able to make friends and get to know a wide range of other students from all year levels. Ivanhoe Girls’ allows every student to find something that interests them and feel completely comfortable at the School, while creating unforgettable memories along the way.

As the School Leaders for 2017, we would like to further instil a sense of unity throughout the School. Our theme for this year is "Brave not perfect". We hope to encourage students at our school to strive for bravery rather than for perfection. To embrace challenges, to persist through times of difficulty and to foster resilience. This all ties in with our hopes to inspire students to angle for change where it is needed. It is important that we are open to change, finding ways to improve what surrounds us, not simply accepting what is there since it has always been there. Most importantly, we would like to give back to the School community which has given so much to us, for we are both eternally grateful for the opportunities and environment that is Ivanhoe Girls’.

School Captain, Kiran Laurence and School Vice Captain, Ellen Liu

Photo Left to Right: Kiran Laurence and Ellen Liu

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