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Our Staff

Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School is extremely fortunate to have a large number of talented staff who are experienced, dedicated and always striving to improve their performance to provide a better level of engagement with our students.

All our teaching staff are registered teachers with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) and all professional staff have a Working With Children Check (WWCC).

Ivanhoe Girls’ has a large number of staff who have been with the School for many years, and such stability and loyalty are greatly valued as they lead to high morale and strong collegiality. The School recognises and celebrates service to the School with its annual Cooerwull Service Awards.

Ivanhoe Girls’ invests significantly in professional development opportunities for all staff, including:

  • a triennial Staff Conference
  • professional learning days
  • staff and faculty meetings
  • our Peer Appraisal program
  • collaboration
  • workshops
  • guest speakers
  • attendance at external programs
  • feedback to faculty/working groups following such attendance.

The School is committed to the induction and mentoring of all new staff, especially beginner teachers. Each year the School appoints mentors for formal training, conducted by the VIT, for colleagues new to the profession.

All staff must comply with Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School’s child safety policies and related policies and procedures (including the Code of Conduct), upholding the overarching principles and values set out, conducting themselves in accordance with the commitments to take all reasonable steps to promote the safety of children.

Employment Opportunities

Join the highly talented and dedicated team at Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School. For a detailed position description of each available role and information on how to apply, see our list of current vacancies.

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