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Principal's Welcome


Dr Deborah Priest, PhD, MEd (Leadership & Management), BScEd, DipFS, MACE, MACEL

Dr Deborah Priest became the 12th Principal of Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School in January 2018. She was educated in Tasmania and Victoria before completing a Bachelor of Science Education, majoring in Mathematics and Physics, at Melbourne University. She commenced her teaching career in South Australia and later moved to Queensland where, while honing her craft as a teacher, she completed a Master of Education (Management and Leadership) and a Doctor of Philosophy at the Queensland University of Technology. 

Prior to taking up the role of Principal at Ivanhoe Girls’, Dr Priest was the Principal of the Australian International School in Malaysia (December 2014-2017), the Head of Moreton Bay College, QLD (2012-2013), Head of Senior School at Somerville House, QLD (2008-2011) and the Head of Education and Assistant Professor at Bond University (2005-2008).

As the leader of a productive and positive learning community where all members of the community actively seek to learn, to explore, to grow and to succeed, Dr Priest says that teachers should make every second, with every student, in every class count.  She believes that a successful school is a community of inquiry in which divergent and deep thinking is fostered and students are encouraged to accept that a failure from taking a risk leads them one step closer to a success.  She says that students in this culture not only aspire to be exceptional, they expect to be exceptional.

The decision to send your daughter to Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School is an important choice and a choice that will shape her future. At Ivanhoe Girls’, we view the opportunity to educate girls, to prepare them for happiness and success in their adult lives, as a privilege. By maintaining our enrolments between 900 and 1000 learners from our Early Learning Centre (three years old) through to Year 12, we are able to know each student as an individual, to monitor her progress carefully and to ensure she feels accepted, valued and validated as she learns how to fly high.

With almost 115 years of experience in finding and nurturing the strengths of our learners, Ivanhoe Girls’ continues to provide a personalised education for each girl to explore and extend herself academically, socially and culturally while developing a disposition founded in integrity and generous service to our community. Our teachers unashamedly put the pastoral care and character building of our students on an equal footing with their academic achievements. In so doing, we are proud to develop articulate, courageous, critical thinkers who are generous of spirit, have a lifelong love of learning, and who have a voice and use it to make a positive contribution to their wider community.

Ivanhoe Girls’ has an inspirational tradition of leading innovative and socially progressive girls’ education with graduates achieving outstanding success in a broad range of Australian and international tertiary pathways including *STEAM-based courses. Our School helps girls to challenge stereotypical views of what they can and should achieve with Mathematics, Science, Visual Arts and Music being among our most popular and successful subjects. The key to success is to encourage and nurture creativity in whatever combination of subjects our girls are interested to study and explore.

At Ivanhoe Girls’, we welcome every girl as a unique individual and we foster in her the confidence to discover her talents and to build upon them. Teachers, who are passionate experts in their field, help to provide the inspiration and support each girl needs to flourish. Our students are challenged to set personal learning goals and to become deep learners in order to achieve them. We expect our girls to think independently, to question their own and other people’s ideas, and to know that there are no mistakes, only opportunities to learn.

Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School is a remarkable and forward-thinking school that enthusiastically embraces innovation, internationalism and new opportunities. I encourage you and your daughter to come and experience school life for yourself. I look forward to meeting you and to introducing you to our girls who speak for themselves at a School Tour throughout the year or on our Open Day on Saturday 28 April 2018.

Best wishes

Dr Deborah Priest

 *STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics

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