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School Governance

Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School is a company limited by guarantee, incorporated in 1922 and established to:

  • operate a school for girls at Ivanhoe;
  • provide for the education of girls within the framework of Christian teaching generally and in conformity with the principles of the Anglican Church in Australia; and
  • to provide excellence in education within a caring Christian community and to prepare young women for a personally and professionally fulfilling life.

The management of the company and the custody and control of its funds and property is vested in a Board of 12 members, supported by the Company Secretary, comprising:

  • a nominee of the Ivanhoe Girls’ Old Grammarians Association (IGOGA);
  • a nominee of the vestry of St James’ Anglican Church, Ivanhoe;
  • an educationalist appointed by the Board;
  • a nominee of Cooerwull Inc; and
  • eight elected members who hold office for three years and are eligible to stand for re-election at the completion of that term.

Day-to-day management of the School is delegated to the Principal, supported by the School’s management team and staff.

Board of Directors

  • Karen Frost, President/Chair (Elected Member)
  • Stan McLiesh - Vice President (Elected Member/Life Governor)
  • Peter Smithson - Vice President (Elected Member/Life Governor)
  • Kerrie Haynes - Treasurer (IGOGA Nominee)
  • George Boburka (Elected Member/Life Governor)
  • Judy Clark (Elected Member/Life Governor)
  • Anne Nelson-Page (Elected Member)
  • Dr Jean McMullin (Elected Member)
  • Rick Tudor OAM (Educationalist Appointed by Board)
  • Rachael Rosedale (Cooerwull Inc Nominee)
  • Rev Stephen May (St James' Anglican Church Nominee)

Karen Frost

Mrs Karen Frost, President/Chair of the Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School Board

Karen Frost (née Tresider, Class of 1981), was elected unopposed at the AGM in 2016 as both the first female Chair of the School and the first Ivanhoe Girls’ Old Grammarian to hold this position. Karen, who has had a significant leadership career to date in the finance sector, currently in the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance, initially joined the Board in 2009 as a nominee of the IGOGA and in 2013, became an elected member of the Board.

Karen has a strong record of involvement in the Ivanhoe Girls' community in a number of roles including student, parent, President and committee member of the IGOGA, and committee member of the Parents and Friends' Association.

Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School

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