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Senior School

The years of Senior School at Ivanhoe Girls' are exciting and dynamic, during which students respond to challenges in academic, pastoral care and co-curricular programs. These activities are designed to create the best possible learning environment to prepare students for a fulfilling life and to confidently face a future of continued change and life-long learning.

Learning at Ivanhoe Girls’ is underpinned by a strong pastoral focus where each student is placed in small and supportive tutor groups of fourteen to fifteen. It is from this secure pastoral basis that students are encouraged to take on new challenges and extend their confidence and skills.

Each student is a unique individual learner and we offer flexibility to cater for their individual learning needs. 

The timetable is structured so that as students enter their secondary years with a broad and comprehensive curriculum. This ensures each student develops skills and knowledge in all learning areas and helps them to begin to identify where their interests and strengths lie. This diverse curriculum also strengthens a student’s repertoire of strategies and aims to help them take responsibility for their own learning, to reflect and to actively participate in the process of making decisions about learning.

It is our experience that the highest academic achievement at all levels for students goes hand-in-hand with a fully rounded education. Ivanhoe Girls' extensive co-curricular program offers every student the opportunity to explore and develop their interests by participating in a wide range of intellectual, sporting, musical, and cultural activities as well as a strong commitment to community service.

Ivanhoe Girls’ is proud of our culture of encouraging girls to take personal responsibility, where adolescent girls will naturally test the boundaries at times but are helped to reflect on their actions and to grow from them in an affirming and supportive environment of high expectations, free from a punitive culture.

Ivanhoe Girls’ proudly sets expectations of every girl striving for and achieving her personal best, both academically and socially, and actively supports the girls in achieving this.

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All Senior School classrooms are equipped with interactive and a wireless network is available throughout the School. Each year level has its own individual Year Level Centre, which also houses their lockers. The respective Year Level Coordinator is also located in the Centre. Our Café, housed in the Cooerwull Centre, provides healthy and nutritious food and a large indoor eating area and terraced outdoor space.

Senior students have access to a wide range of specialist learning facilities including:

  • the Doris Walker Centre which provides a 170 seat tertiary-style lecture theatre
  • the senior area of the Library, with outstanding resources, research areas, quiet reading areas and teaching space
  • modern, well-equipped science laboratories including specialist Biology, Chemistry and Physics laboratories
  • music and performing arts facilities in our Performing Arts Centre and Parish Hall
  • the Visual Arts facility in our Hillsley Complex, which gives students the opportunity to work in a variety of two and three dimensional media, including glass, ceramics, screen-printing, metalwork and painting
  • Health, Hospitality and Food Technology facilities with an adjacent eating area
  • an all-weather synthetic sportsfield, which can be configured to provide four netball and tennis courts, running track and long jump pit
  • an indoor 25 metre pool
  • plexipave basketball court
  • indoor gymnasium.

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