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Following the news of our current Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School, Mrs Davina McClure tendering her resignation effective from the end of the 2022 school year, we are delighted to provide several members of senior staff with the opportunity to step into a more senior role for 2023.

The table below outlines the Executive Team for 2023.

Executive Team Members 2023
Title 2023 Executive Member
Ms Narelle Umbers
Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School
Ms Louisa Scerri (Acting for 2023)
Director of Learning and Innovation
Dr Natalie Bunn (Acting for 2023)
Head of Junior School
Mrs Helen Moore (No Change)
Director of Student Wellbeing
Mrs Brett Borbely (No Change)
Director of Senior School Staff Operations
Mrs Susie Lyons (No Change)
Director of Corporate Services
Mr Jarrod Guiney (No Change)
Director of Communications and Marketing
Ms Melanie Dow (No Change)

The process to undertake a thorough search for a new Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School, to commence at the beginning of a new school year, takes considerable time to ensure the School appoints the best possible candidate to the position. Furthermore, given the requirement for a successful candidate to give typically three months of notice to their current employer, the Chair of the Board of Directors, Ms Karen Frost, in consultation with our incoming Principal, Ms Narelle Umbers and Principal, Dr Deborah Priest, have all agreed to delay the commencement of the recruitment search until early 2023. 

The decision to put an interim plan in place for 2023 as per the above was a straightforward one to implement due to the great depth and breadth of leadership skill and experience that we have in our current Executive and Management Teams at the School. This plan will enable Ms Umbers, as the incoming Principal, to have full involvement in the selection of her new Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School as a key member of the Executive Team.

The School is also delighted to share that Ms Louisa Scerri has been appointed to the role of Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School for 2023. Louisa comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience in her previous role of Director of Learning and Innovation at Ivanhoe Girls' and has previously held the position of Head of Senior School at Westbourne Grammar. Congratulations to Mr David Furness who has been Acting in the role of Director of Curriculum, Learning and Innovation - Junior School since Mrs Helen Moore's appointment as Head of Junior School, has been officially appointed as the Director of Curriculum, Learning and Innovation - Junior School with this role incorporating responsibilities of a Deputy Head of Junior School.

The School will inform the community of its recruitment search in early 2023 after Ms Narelle Umbers has commenced in her role as Principal.