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There is still so much for our students to learn and experience and we were all very excited to see them return with such energy and enthusiasm this week after a relaxing break. While many teachers and some other staff took some rest during the school holidays, many staff worked through the three-week break and completed some important projects around the School. While we see evidence of this in the grounds and in our newly-created flexible learning spaces, much of the work took place behind the scenes or supervising students on school camps and tours.

There are many important events happening this term and two of them occur in the first few weeks. The first not-to-miss event is the 2019 Units 3&4 Visual Arts Exhibition, which takes place from Monday 14 to Tuesday 22 October in the Hillsley Visual Arts and Hospitality Complex. I am always so impressed by the variety and exceptional standard of the work created by our students and none more so than that produced by our most senior artists. The Exhibition will be officially opened on Monday 14 October at 5.30pm by Annika Kristensen, Senior Curator at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA).

I also strongly encourage parents and students to attend the Friends of Music - Jazz Night on Friday 18 October, which is always a fun night with students and staff performing some of their favourite jazz repertoires together in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.