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A strategic priority within the Ivanhoe Girls’ Strategic Plan 2019-2024 is to develop and implement a whole-school approach for the pastoral care and personal development of all students. 

An outstanding example of how the School puts planning into action can be found in Wellness Week. Last week our Counsellors, the Wellness Week Committee and School Prefects led the Senior School with a wonderful celebration of wellness during Assembly and an integrated program of pastoral care activities and exciting lunchtime experiences throughout the week. 

With the weather being helpful, it was so heartening to see our students caring for each other in such proactive ways and I thank our Counselling team for their planning, encouragement and inspiration. 

For many parents choosing a school for their child can be one of the most difficult decisions they will ever make. Most parents now understand that a good education is not solely about academic performance, it’s also about providing a supportive, responsive and flexible pastoral care environment in which students can develop their own individual values, character, identity and beliefs. 

The academic performance, in combination with the wellness and happiness of our students is testimony to the emphasis we do and will continue to place on their wellbeing through wonderful initiatives like Wellness Week.