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Why Ivanhoe Girls'? Offsite Learning at Ivanhoe Girls'

During the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers and students have engaged in a flexible and agile offsite learning environment, underpinned by our strong wellbeing framework.

At Ivanhoe Girls'. we believe that student learning is about much more than simply absorbing information. Instead, we offer an education that challenges, connects and leads to powerful and progressive thinking; where teachers and students work together to build knowledge and meaning. 

In our unique Offsite Learning environment we have developed a learning-centred model where students are ‘minds-on’. They are engaged in a variety of learning activities and tasks to help them navigate a pathway to engagement and learning. 

Parent feedback to Offsite Learning, April 2020

Our Offsite Learning model balances authentic face-to-face and prerecorded video lessons, with online content and physical activities. 

We are conscious of minimising visual fatigue and time of prolonged sitting, so teachers consciously balance Zoom time with independent learning. However, compulsory face-to-face video lessons are scheduled when it best suits the learning being facilitated by the teacher. 

The way we teach, the tools we choose and the strategies we use are different across year levels and subjects. 

By allowing students to follow their timetable to complete set weekly learning tasks, students are provided with both structure and flexibility to support their readiness to be an independent learner. 

Teachers are available to students during school hours by email to provide additional support to help them achieve their learning goals, and we cater for students’ individual learning needs by providing additional support where required.

While offsite learning is a very different style of education, one thing has not changed: parents and carers are valuable contributors to student learning. 

Parents are asked to support their child's learning by encouraging them, discuss their learning strategies, and stress the value and enjoyment of learning.