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About Us Our Staff

Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School employs highly-skilled employees who bring expertise, unique talent and a depth and breadth of relevant skills to the School.

We are fortunate to have experienced, dedicated and inspirational teaching and professional staff, several of whom have been with the School for many years. Their loyalty and service has enhanced the warm and collegial atmosphere at Ivanhoe Girls’ and contributes to the vibrant educational environment.

All staff enjoy significant opportunities for professional development each year, ensuring that teaching methods, curriculum and our School operations are constantly evolving in line with best practice.

Ivanhoe Girls' Key Staff
Name Position
Dr Deborah Priest
Ms Jan Leather
Acting Head of Senior School and Director of Learning and Teaching
Ms Mary Bourke
Head of Junior School
Mr Jarrod Guiney
Director of Corporate Services
Ms Melanie Dow
Director of Communications and Marketing
Ms Susie Lyons
Staff Coordinator
Mrs Helen Moore
Deputy of Junior School/Head of Junior School Curriculum
Mr Rob Fuller
Head of Curriculum Years 10-12
Dr Katherine Putnam
Head of Curriculum Years 7-9
Ms Marianna Scuderi
Director of Admissions
Ms Julia Robertson
Director of the Cooerwull Centre for Leadership and Service
Mr Alan Rowley
Director of Technology
Ms Bernadette Gioia
Director of the Early Learning Centre
Ms Serena Burke / Ms Jodie Smith
International Students Coordinator