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Why Ivanhoe Girls'? The Importance of Wellbeing

The wellbeing of our students is essential to ensure they feel comfortable and confident enough to reach their potential.

Our Philosophy

At Ivanhoe Girls', a focus on each individual student is central to all we do. The caring relationships at the heart of the School provide the best possible foundation for learning and personal development.

In the Junior School class teachers play the lead role in the wellbeing of each of their students. In the Senior School, the Year Level system is the key framework for our Wellbeing program. Every Year Level, with its own co-ordinator and tutors, is a community in which our students are known and valued by staff and by their peers. 

The security of an encouraging and supportive environment enables us to achieve our core purpose as a school: to be a forward-thinking community of learners who are thoughtful in their choices and brave in their actions. Our students have four key capabilities that are fostered both through our learning and teaching programs and our wellbeing systems: 

  • Knowledge: to make sense of an increasingly complex world
  • Thinking: to think critically, analyse information and consider a range of perspectives
  • Creativity: essential to developing a growth mindset
  • Connectedness: to aid the formation of healthy relationships. 

Our approach to wellbeing and personal development engages students and builds these capabilities in a way that is sequential, age and stage appropriate, evidence based and respectful of the School’s Christian heritage.