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Our School House Activities

The vibrant House system at Ivanhoe Girls' helps develop friendships and a sense of team spirit across all year levels, and the fun and friendly competitions add excitement throughout the year.

At Ivanhoe Girls', there are six Houses, and each students becomes a member of a House as soon as they are enrolled at the School. If a student has a family member who has previously attended the School, such as a Mother or Grandmother, they will usually be allocated to the same House in order to maintain a sense of tradition. 

During the year there are many House events that contribute to a vibrant School spirit and a sense of belonging for students across all Year levels. In Junior School, activities include competitions in Athletics, Swimming, Cross Country and Soccer. In Senior School sporting competitions are held alongside the House Performing Arts Carnival , Art, Craft and Photography Competition plus an annual House Reading Challenge.  

House Captains work closely alongside a Teacher Mentor to help develop leadership skills.