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Why Ivanhoe Girls'?

At Ivanhoe Girls' your daughter will find a forward-thinking community of learners who are thoughtful in their choices and brave in their actions.

We value an education that challenges and connects, leading to powerful and progressive thinking. 

We value courage, inclusion and diversity, leading to resilience and compassionate, respectful relationships. 

We value curiosity, authenticity and service, leading to connections to others and to the wider community.

We care as much about the developing character of each girl as we do about their academic achievement. Our School has a well established and impressive reputation for nurturing strong, intelligent and compassionate women who go on to lead and serve the community in meaningful ways. This legacy continues as we believe that the wellbeing of each child is a fundamental precursor to them achieving their personal best.

By maintaining our enrolments between 850 – 1000 learners from our Early Learning Centre (Three Year Old) through to Year 12, we are able to know each student as an individual, to monitor her progress carefully and to ensure she feels accepted, valued and validated as she learns how to fly high. 

With over 117 years of experience in finding and nurturing the strengths of our learners, Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School continues to provide a personalised education for each girl to explore and extend herself academically, socially and culturally while developing a disposition founded on integrity and generous service to our community. Thus, our teachers unashamedly put the pastoral care and character building of our students on an equal footing with their academic achievements. In doing so, we are proud to develop articulate, courageous, critical thinkers who are generous of spirit, have a lifelong love of learning, and who have a voice and use it to make a positive contribution to their wider community. 

Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School has an inspirational tradition of leading innovative and socially progressive girls’ education with graduates achieving outstanding success in a broad range of Australian and international tertiary pathways including STEM-based courses. Our school community enables girls to challenge stereotypical views of what they can and should achieve, with Mathematics, Science, Visual Arts and Music being among our most popular and successful subjects. The key to our learners’ success is for us to encourage and nurture passion, engagement and creativity in whatever combination of subjects our girls are interested to study and explore.

We welcome every girl as a unique individual and we foster in her the confidence to discover her talents and to build upon them. Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School is a remarkable and forward-thinking school that enthusiastically embraces innovation and learning that is connected to real-world applications. 

Our girls explore and develop their potential in a friendly, nurturing and welcoming school and leave as graduates who are “life ready” as well as “tertiary and career ready”.

Our Girls Speak for Themselves.