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Why Ivanhoe Girls'?

At Ivanhoe Girls' your daughter will find a forward-thinking community of learners who are thoughtful in their choices and brave in their actions.

We value an education that challenges and connects, leading to powerful and progressive thinking. 

We value courage, inclusion and diversity, leading to resilience and compassionate, respectful relationships. 

We value curiosity, authenticity and service, leading to connections to others and to the wider community.

We aim to provide an education that challenges. Our students become powerful and progressive thinkers, develop creative and entrepreneurial skills, and connect their learning to real-world applications.

At the heart of our school is an exemplary approach to pastoral care, which allows each student to develop their own individual values, character, identity and beliefs. This fosters a genuine sense of belonging and allows students to explore many opportunities for personal development.

Our facilities provide flexible, engaging and innovative learning spaces that inspire and personalise learning, supporting students to learn in diverse ways and optimising student wellbeing.

Our students take part in a myriad of co-curricular activities, from sport, performing arts and music, to a wealth of leadership and social service initiatives.

We build young women of courage and confidence, who find strength and purpose and a powerful voice. 

Our Girls Speak for Themselves.