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Why Ivanhoe Girls'? Learning and Teaching

At Ivanhoe Girls’ the thoughtful and brave learner is at the centre of all our learning and teaching programs.

We develop students who have the capabilities necessary to thrive in a changing world. We use specific, highimpact and evidence-based strategies in order to develop each student. Alongside established learning methodologies, we have developed interdisciplinary programs that require deep thinking and collaboration.

While each teacher uses their unique set of teaching skills to engage students in learning, Ivanhoe Girls’ teachers have been professionally developed over many years to incorporate some specific strategies that research studies repeatedly show will provide distinct advantage to our students in their learning.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning engages students in real-world activities. Through longer collaborative projects, linked to personal areas of passion, students establish stronger engagement and understanding. Deeper Learning strengthens interdisciplinary connections and weaves together skills and knowledge across traditional subject areas. Whilst there is always a place for developing subject-specific content knowledge, deep learning is explicitly linked to the world beyond school and enhances high-order thinking skills.

Differentiation and Challenge

Ivanhoe Girls’ is proud to be a genuinely open-entry school leading to a student population where the learning needs of students vary. Our teachers engage in a range of teaching practices to know each student as a unique learner and to support and challenge them to reach their full potential. The School employs specialist educators to support students who experience learning challenges in a single or range of subjects as well as specialist educators who provide enrichment and extension learning opportunities for students who are working well beyond their year group in one or a range of learning areas.

Ongoing, Quality Feedback

Few strategies have greater impact than meaningful and timely feedback to advancing learning in students. Through ongoing feedback all students know what skills and content they have mastered, are able to identify any gaps in their learning, and can be supported to address them for ongoing improvement. Timely feedback encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning outcomes.

Students' Learning Capabilities

Today’s students need to develop 21st Century capabilities in order to thrive in the uncertain world that awaits beyond school.

At Ivanhoe Girls’ we focus, through the strategies discussed on the preceding pages, on developing four key capabilities in our students. Extensive evidence shows that these capabilities will both equip our students for the changing world of work and develop a life-long love of learning.

Model for Student Success