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Why Ivanhoe Girls'? Learning and Teaching

At Ivanhoe Girls’, the thoughtful and brave learner is at the centre of all our learning and teaching programs.

We pride ourselves on developing students who have the capacity to thrive in a changing world. Our strategies are specific, high impact and evidence-based, and alongside traditional methods, we've developed programs that promote deep thinking and collaboration across our curriculum.

While each teacher brings a unique set of skills to the classroom, our teaching staff are continually learning and developing new and innovative ways to enhance student learning.

Deep Learning

Students engage in long collaborative projects in particular areas of interest, deepening their understanding and strengthening their engagement. Skills and knowledge across a number of different disciplines and subject areas are woven together, developing higher-order thinking skills and linking learning with the world beyond school.

Differentiation and Challenge

Teachers engage in a range of practices to understand each student as an individual and challenge them to reach their full potential. Specialist educators support students with learning challenges, as well as offering enrichment and extension activities to those students working beyond their year group. 

Ongoing, Quality Feedback

Meaningful and timely feedback advances student learning, and encourages individuals to be responsible for their own learning.  

Students' Learning Capabilities

21st Century capabilities are essential to help students thrive in the world beyond school. At Ivanhoe Girls', we know these four capabilities are Connectedness, Knowledge, Thinking and Creativity. 

Model for Student Success