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At Ivanhoe Girls' we recognise that each student is a unique and individual learner and we offer the flexibility to cater for her individual learning needs. 

Learning at Ivanhoe Girls’ is underpinned by a strong pastoral focus in which each girl is placed in a small and supportive tutor group of 14 to 15 girls.  It is from this secure pastoral basis that girls are encouraged to take on new challenges and extend their confidence and skills. 

The timetable is structured so that as girls enter their secondary years their horizons are deliberately stretched by a broad and comprehensive curriculum. This ensures each girl develops skills and knowledge in all learning areas and helps her to begin to identify where her interests and strengths lie. 

We strive to provide engaging, holistic and connected learning and teaching.

During Year 9 students embark on an enquiry-based journey as they are challenged to work towards a personal goal of their choosing. 

This diverse curriculum also strengthens girls’ repertoires of strategies and aims to help them take responsibility for their own learning, to reflect and to actively participate in the process of making decisions about learning. 

Ivanhoe Girls’ is proud of our culture of encouraging girls to take personal responsibility, where adolescent girls will naturally test the boundaries at times but are helped to reflect on their actions and to grow from them in an affirming and supportive environment. Ivanhoe Girls’ proudly sets expectations of every girl striving for and achieving her personal best, both academically and socially, and actively supports the girls in achieving this.