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At Ivanhoe Girls', we are proud of our articulate and courageous students, who are generous of spirit, have a lifelong love of learning and use their powerful voices to make a positive contribution to their wider community. 

A message from the 2022 School Captains

School Vice Captain Mia & School Captain Amy

As we have grown and developed as young people in today’s society, we have constantly been told to “strive for excellence”, but have been left to ponder the true meaning of the word… an abstract term difficult to define. Indeed, each person holds their own perception of what “excellence” entails. 

To us, excellence is not “the quality of being outstanding or extremely good”, nor is it a means to compare yourself to others. Rather, we should acknowledge that everyone is different, therefore excellence should be about individualistic goals. We see it as reaching one’s full capacity, the result of trying their best. It is a product of hard work, commitment and passion, as well as a willingness to try despite the possibility of failure. 

Often, people have “excellent” qualities within them, yet a lack of confidence prevents them from reaching their maximum potential. Like seeds on the verge of breaking through soil, we as young people need the right “water” and “environment" in order to flourish and grow. 

As leaders of the school, we aim to develop such an environment in which everyone can achieve excellence and take pride in themselves as well as their abilities. We want to build a school community where everyone feels supported through genuine relationships, where each individual with their unique strengths can come together as a community, and where we can all demonstrate compassion towards each other as well as a willingness to serve one another. 

With this vision in mind, the prefect team initiated the motto “Be That Somebody”, a slogan actively encouraging all to take every moment as an opportunity to better themselves, to be there for someone else – to “strive for excellence”. 

This is particularly fitting for the Class of 2022. The terminal years of high school require great resilience and dedication, with the common goal of achieving “excellence”. When a simple number has the potential to determine your “future”, it can be easy to let yourself fall into the whirlpool of endless comparisons. Therefore, now, more than ever, we as a cohort need to stick together, to lift each other up, and remind one another that we are all “excellent” in our own ways. We must have confidence in our own hard work and mental fortitude because these are the qualities that will allow us to achieve our own “excellence”.

Amy, School Captain & Mia, School Vice Captain

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