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We are proud to develop articulate, courageous, critical thinkers who are generous of spirit, have a lifelong love of learning, and who have a voice and use it to make a positive contribution to their wider community.

School Captains and Prefects 2019

A Message from the School Captains

As school leaders, we are constantly asked, "What do you love about Ivanhoe Girls’?" Honestly, it's not hard to answer this question. The school provides broad and extensive opportunities, ranging from overseas trips to House activities to clubs and groups, helping students to find their passion. The School fosters a supportive environment where student voice and initiative is valued and encouraged, giving young women the chance to find their feet through leadership and service both within the school and wider community.

My favourite event by far each year has always been the House Performing Arts carnival; a completely student run event where each House has the opportunity to put on a drama, music and dance piece for the entire school. Throughout the event, it is truly amazing to hear the amount of support that all the students have for each other when they perform. It is also a chance for students to showcase their diverse skills, being those not typically displayed in the classroom, and to have fun. Through my platform as a leader this year, I would love to bring out these experiences in more activities and events throughout the year.

Georgia, School Captain 2019

I vividly remember walking into my first Senior Concert Band rehearsal as a Year 7. I was one of the youngest there and felt absolutely terrified to be playing music alongside so many older girls. However, I soon realised that I had nothing to fear. The band welcomed me, challenged me and made me feel like I’d finally found my place, alongside people who were passionate about the same things as me. 

I think this experience summarises my time at Ivanhoe Girls’. The last five years here have allowed me to find and become part of a group of like-minded girls to learn alongside - all while challenging myself and having fun. As captains of the school, we aim to pass on the incredible values, lessons and experiences that Ivanhoe Girls' has gifted to us over our time here. We want to foster a space where students are empowered, united and unafraid to find out and do what they love. We are excited to see what the year will bring.

Hannah, Vice-Captain 2019