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We are proud to develop articulate, courageous, critical thinkers who are generous of spirit, have a lifelong love of learning, and who have a voice and use it to make a positive contribution to their wider community.

2020 School Leadership Team

A Message from the School Captains

An Ivanhoe Girl is not just a student who pushes herself academically but also a girl who can explore and find her passions. Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School is unique, as a large focus is placed on trying new things and being proud of one’s individuality. Ivanhoe Girls’ is a community of strong girls, supported by teachers who are passionate about teaching and female empowerment. Our school offers opportunities in sport, music, drama, debating, service and leadership through a range of clubs and co-curricular activities, allowing students to find themselves and express their individuality.

“At Ivanhoe Girls’, student voice and female empowerment is heavily valued, creating a supportive environment for students to explore what it means to have a voice and take action in both the school and wider community. The School offers a wide range of leadership opportunities for girls to try. For me, being an SRC Representative was a highlight, as it opened my eyes to ways in which I could make change in the school community. Working with a diverse group of passionate girls from all year levels who had a common goal was so rewarding. Being able to see the impact we had was amazing and inspired me to take on other leadership opportunities throughout my time at Ivanhoe Girls’." — Dunithi, 2020 School Captain
“Ivanhoe Girls’ is a place where students are able to build meaningful connections with students and for me this happened through the orchestra. I built connections with girls outside my year level, making me feel like I truly belonged and had a place at Ivanhoe Girls’. By taking opportunities like this I have been able to appreciate the diversity, talent and passion of every girl. Ivanhoe Girls’ is unique in that not only are the teachers inspiring but for many students, the other girls they meet become their role models and inspiration. Being amidst such a talented and diverse cohort under the leadership of amazing older students is what pushes me to be better.” — Pema, 2020 School Vice Captain

As leaders, we will strive to create an environment in which every student is unafraid to be and find their true self, feels supported by other students and inspired to make a difference in the wider community. We hope to impart the invaluable lessons we have been gifted through our time at Ivanhoe Girls’ and empower girls to be the change they want to see in the world. We are excited to see what 2020 will bring.