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Our School Leadership and Service in Junior School

At Ivanhoe Girls', our students are encouraged to "speak for themselves". 

Starting from their early years in the School, students are encouraged to accept leadership positions. They are encouraged to demonstrate responsibility, to get along with others, be confident, to organise and lead, and to support the leadership of others.

By Year 6, all students will have experienced many opportunities to grow and build confidence through public speaking events such as assemblies and church services, music performances, debating competitions, theatrical productions and the School Ambassador program. 

In addition, the School’s strong focus on social service enhances a sense of community, kindness and wellbeing amongst peers.

In Year 6, leadership positions are recognised by the presentation of a badge at an investiture Assembly. The positions have clearly defined responsibilities and roles and the girls very proudly and effectively carry out their duties. 

The staff and students value these leadership opportunities and encourage and support the leaders in contributing to the life of the School.