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Our School Enrichment and Support

At Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School we identify and foster each student’s own individual strengths, talents and interests.

The School offers additional support from Prep to Year 12 either by targeted teaching or as part of an ongoing program. Some examples of this are the Maths Peer Support sessions open to Years 7-9 students and Maths Help sessions for senior students.

Students who are highly accomplished in any subject area may be encouraged to work on more abstract tasks or at a faster pace than their peers. Programs for excelling students at Ivanhoe Girls’ include: acceleration beginning in Year 9 with Maths, withdrawal programs within class time and enrichment activities both within and outside class time.

There are also a wide range of House and Co-Curricular activities that give students opportunities to excel in an area that interests them, such as debating, competitions, and exhibitions of artwork.


Ignite is an enrichment program designed to challenge students’ thinking in a variety of areas. Each unit is developed according to the interests and strengths of the students. The units are designed to encourage higher level analytical skills across a range of topics by tapping into students’ natural abilities, aptitude and inquisitiveness.

Some of the units that have recently been offered at Ivanhoe Girls’ include:

  • The Amazing Spaghetti Machine Contest
  • The Language of Song
  • An Investigation into Infinity
  • The Transit of Venus
  • Murder under the Microscope
  • History
  • Sport Performance
  • Building and Programming Robotics.