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Last week we were pleased to launch our Year 11 Study Skills Masterclass program, a new initiative developed collaboratively by our Curriculum and Learning and Wellbeing teams, with the support of four exceptional students from the Class of 2022 - Mia Koufalas, Rachel Boyd, Helena Gourvelos and Alyssa Li. Guided by Mrs Jempson, the Year 11 Coordinator, this program aims to explicitly teach our Year 11 cohort effective study skills from a holistic perspective.

At Ivanhoe Girls’, we focus on each student individually and our approach to education places an equal emphasis on student wellbeing and academic achievement. Wellbeing underpins everything that we do, and therefore we are mindful of the significant impact wellbeing has on academic outcomes. We recognise the importance of equipping our students with the necessary skills to study and learn effectively, the transferrable life skills needed to thrive and succeed academically. This is supported by academic research which shows that students with a greater level of wellbeing are more likely to experience improved academic outcomes.

The Year 11 Study Skills Masterclass program that we have developed consists of a series of interactive and engaging workshops designed and delivered by our past students for all Year 11 students to attend. The program is supplemented by a detailed handbook filled with helpful tips and study skills strategies.

Our aim in creating this program is to leverage the firsthand experiences of our recent graduates to deliver valuable advice and guidance to our current students. By inviting graduates to share their insights and perspectives based on their own recent VCE experiences at Ivanhoe Girls’, we hope that the impact of their messages will be particularly valuable, embodying our school motto of “Our Girls Speak for Themselves”.

Masterclass 1

During Masterclass 1 held last week, our past student presenters discussed the importance of prioritising wellbeing in the VCE years, focusing on physical health, sleep, relaxation time and setting up boundaries around study. They emphasised the critical skill of organisation and detailed strategies to improve productivity, avoiding procrastination, regular goal setting and expectation management. Our presenters also shared effective tips to manage stress, implement VCE study groups and use timetabled spares efficiently and shared valuable advice:

“When going through your VCE journey, it is crucial to prioritise your wellbeing to succeed. It’s like running a marathon - it’s all about pacing yourself to ensure that both our physical and mental health are well maintained”

Masterclass 1 also included a stepwise discussion of note-taking strategies, such as the Cornell Method, and useful guidance regarding exam preparation. The event concluded with two tailored VCE English workshops, where our past student presenters shared valuable advice and strategies for success in VCE English and VCE English Language, followed by a Q & A session. 

We look forward to continuing our Year 11 Study Skills Masterclass program with Masterclass 2 in Week 4, which will focus on tailored subject-specific study advice.

Dr Natalie Bunn
Director of Learning and Innovation