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For any who were fortunate enough to see the recent school production of Twelfth Night, it was hard to be anything but impressed. 

\Whilst it was performed within the PAC space that is well known to us, the experience of being in the audience felt significantly different to the typical events held within it. To me, it felt like a transformative evening. It was one of those moments as a teacher where I was able to see the students in a more complete light than the classroom alone allows. 

The entire evening was impressive. Everything about it spoke of a highly coordinated team intent on delivering an experience. From the front-of-house staff and ushers who welcomed us, to the backstage crew who moved deftly, allowing for slick transitions and for the show to go on. The intermission was akin to being at a country theatre of yesteryear, with the choc tops, tea and community radiating a beautiful sense of warmth to the evening. In the conversations that I shared, there were big smiles and a sense of the shared discovery that we felt in seeing various cast members as some sort of amazing through their displayed talents.

The cast were awesome. The energy and fun of the dancing and comedic stagecraft were expertly supported by the mood-defining musicians, costuming and choreography. As Shakespeare's play slid across the stage before us, one couldn't help but be impressed by the various cast members who captivated us through their moments in the spotlight.

As the play concluded on opening night, I can only imagine the sense of relief that all involved may have felt in seeing their months of hard work come together so phenomenally well. As they took their final bows on the Saturday night, I would hope that all involved felt a deep sense of pride in what they had accomplished for it was the sum of all the efforts that made the production so remarkable.

In the months and years that follow, I hope that the cast and crew don't simply reflect with a smile that they were in the School Production in 2023. I hope that their minds allow them to appreciate the depth of skill, perseverance, teamwork and bravery that underpinned such performances. And I hope that these memories sit as part of the foundation of their self-esteem and confidence because to do what they collectively did is no small feat. I trust that they will draw upon such memories as they steel themselves for whatever challenge next awaits.

Never again will I accept the excuses of a Year 9 English student who tells me they can't remember a handful of quotes for a Romeo and Juliet essay. For the production highlights that through a sustained and purposeful effort, with careful guidance and a collective want to succeed that the remarkable is possible.

Within a school that deeply values a holistic education, such opportunities are central to a student's ability to challenge, explore and develop themselves in moments that can have a lasting and meaningful impact on their positive sense of self. As the curtain draws upon the 2023 School Production, may the accomplishment it represents not be lost on any of us.

Mr Toby Maxwell-Wright
Director of Student Wellbeing