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We are proud to congratulate the students from the Class of 2021, not only for persisting throughout the significant challenges presented over both 2020 and 2021, but also on their excellent VCE results.

In particular we are delighted to report that:

  • Eight students achieved an ATAR score higher than 99 (9.5% of the cohort)
  • 15 students achieved an ATAR score higher than 98 (17.9% of the cohort)
  • 25 students achieved an ATAR score higher than 95 (29.8% of the cohort)
  • 44 students achieved an ATAR score higher than 90 (52.4% of the cohort)
  • 67 students achieved an ATAR score higher than 80 (79.8% of the cohort). 

While the statistics above are indeed impressive and represent the best results of a cohort for many years, it is more impressive to know they were achieved following not one, but two very atypical, unique and challenging years of learning in offsite and onsite modes. Their determination to succeed and the ability of students in the Class of 2021 to be so poised and focussed throughout the year, along with the continuous commitment of their teachers, has contributed to these students being well rewarded with these results.


A three-way tie for 2021 Dux! Congratulations to the three students, Chloe Du, Sophie Pisani and Annalise Sortino who achieved the equal highest ATAR score of 99.75.

A two-way tie for 2021 Dux Secundi! Congratulations to both Mia Koufalas and Annika Sultana who achieved the second highest ATAR score of 99.65.

We also wish to congratulate the following students who achieved an ATAR placing them in the top 2% of all students in Victoria. Congratulations to Lily Fallon (ATAR score of 99.50), Yu Ying (Winona) Lai (ATAR score of 99.30), Annie Ruiz (ATAR score of 99.25), Helena Gourvelos (ATAR score of 98.80), Sabrina Huang (ATAR score of 98.60), Kate Joyce (ATAR score of 98.50), Abigail Matthews (ATAR score of 98.25), Bonnie Liu (ATAR score of 98.15), Angelique Ralph (ATAR score of 98.10) and Kristen Karamoutsos (ATAR score of 98.00).

A Wonderful Achievement

Ivanhoe Girls’ is a non-selective school and, as such, success looks different for different students. Statistically, not all students can achieve ATAR scores in the high 90s however, the results of all students in the Class of 2021 still represent wonderful personal achievements that were founded on the same personal dedication, resilience, determination and commitment of the students who achieved the highest ATARs. As such, we applaud all of our students in the Class of 2021.

While reviewing these results, I reflected on the role of a school, alongside parents, in preparing our students progressively, over many years, to be ready to take their place as independent, resilient and confident young adults. The past two years have been undeniably challenging, but so too have they facilitated in our graduating students, life-affirming growth. Out of the adversity of the past two years has come increased resilience and a more determined mindset in each of our Year 12 students to move forward despite the obstacles set before them, particularly this year.

Despite adversity, the Class of 2021 students have kept their eyes on the future and stoically kept moving forward throughout the year. They have looked deep inside themselves, have thought of success, imagined what it looks like, and have refused to let a pandemic stop them from achieving their goals and dreams. 

In their final days at Ivanhoe Girls’, the Year 12 students thanked their teachers and tutors, noting the importance of the relationships that had been so significant in supporting them throughout their learning journey and most particularly through the last two years. At that time they had no idea how true those words would prove to be. These authentic relationships have enabled our graduating class of students to achieve results that will open up a broad range of options for each of them as they take the next steps into more independent adult lives. Early next year we will report back to our school community on the options that our students have chosen in the Tertiary Destination Newsletter.

Congratulations to the Class of 2021

Like all of our students, the students in the Class of 2021 have been provided with a vast array of learning opportunities in their time at Ivanhoe Girls’, across subjects, co-curricular activities, House, leadership and service activities. These opportunities have informed and enlightened each of them and have taught them the importance of taking responsibility for their actions. They do indeed speak for themselves. They are a deeply capable group of young adults who have developed the courage to question, to find their own voice and to become responsible and active global citizens.

Throughout the years of schooling at Ivanhoe Girls’, it is our aim to ensure our students achieve their personal academic potential as well as to develop the necessary personal qualities and attributes that will enable them to become happy and successful adults in whatever area in which they are passionate. I am delighted with the academic results of the Class of 2021 and to have shared in their achievements and contributions to school life. The Class of 2021 has emerged from this year so much stronger than any of us could have imagined and I am proud of each and every one of them. On behalf of the entire school community I congratulate these students, wish them every success for the future and encourage them to remain in touch with us so we can follow them in the next stage of their journeys as adults.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our staff team for their tremendous dedication, creativity and adaptability and every parent for their resilience, particularly in the past two years. Once again, together we have held the Class of 2021 in the palm of our hands and deep in our hearts, and now, together, we can watch them take up their individual journeys into adulthood with confidence.

Dr Deborah Priest