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As a school, we are extremely proud of the achievements of all students in the Class of 2023.

As a school, we are extremely proud of the achievements of all students in the Class of 2023, supported so well by their teachers, their Tutors and Year Level Co-ordinator, and their families. Their achievements are a culmination of dedication, consistent effort and commitment over many years. While a key aim of our school is to enable our students to achieve their personal academic best, we know that our students cannot be, and do not want to be defined by a single number. We want them to graduate from Ivanhoe Girls’ as kind, curious, brave, connected and vibrant young adults, who are well-prepared to take responsibility for their own lives and to effect positive change in the lives of others. The Class of 2023 will be remembered as young people who showed outstanding initiative and leadership and who brought life and creativity to their motto of “Embrace the Moment”.

We are extremely proud to congratulate the 108 students from the Class of 2023 who completed their VCE studies this year and are eligible for an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR). We are delighted to report that:

  • 9% of students achieved an ATAR higher than 98
  • 21% of students achieved an ATAR higher than 95
  • 42% of students achieved an ATAR higher than 90
  • 65% of students achieved an ATAR higher than 80.  

These are outstanding results, but they only give part of the picture. Every single student in the Class of 2023 has their own story, faced their own challenges and gave it their all. They all deserve to be congratulated on their determination to succeed and to remain focused throughout the year, and for how they supported each other. As staff members, we were inspired, not just by the students whose names appear in this newsletter, but by the many others for whom the success and achievement were just as significant.

Success for many of our students in the Class of 2023 has been characterised by achieving the results that will allow them entry into the tertiary destination of their choice and in knowing that they are now equipped to head out more independently into the next few years of their learning journey. Future success may be to make a difference, to contribute to the advancement of the world in some small way or to be a game changer in a large-scale project or start-up enterprise. Perhaps success will be to travel within Australia or to far-off countries that have interested them before settling into further study in a year or two. Whatever their future holds, each student has earned the right to be successful and to be excited about what lies ahead for each of them.

The friendships forged over many years at Ivanhoe Girls’ are precious. We hope each member of the Class of 2023 remains kind, curious, brave, and vibrant in their actions and outlook on life, and most of all we hope our students remain connected to each other and to Ivanhoe Girls' for life.

My heartfelt congratulations to the Class of 2023 on your extraordinary contribution to Ivanhoe Girls’.

Ms Narelle Umbers,

Dux and Dux Secondi

Congratulations to our 2023 Dux, Elena C who achieved an ATAR of 99.85.

Elena, who was also our Class of 2023 Valedictorian, reflected on her achievements, "Make sure you take every opportunity that comes your way. I'm so very happy with my results and grateful to the amazing teachers and the Class of 2023".

Our congratulations also go to our 2023 Dux Secondi and School Captain, Paige Y with an ATAR of 99.3. Paige's advice for her fellow students "Remember that your ATAR definitely does not sum you up. I'm proud that my hard work paid off and for being part of an amazing cohort".

Study Scores Achieved in 2023

19% of all scores in subjects studied by students in Years 11 and 12 were 40 or more, placing them in the top 9% in the state. Given that our students are encouraged to take the more challenging subjects likely to be of greater value to their future careers, this is a pleasing achievement.

Median Study Score: 34
Median ATAR: 87

The following students achieved a score of 50 for their studies:

  • Elena C for Biology
  • Ash T for Global Politics
  • Caitlyn T for Chinese Second Language

The following students achieved scores of 47 or above for their studies:

  • Amelia H for Geography
  • Estella J for Legal Studies
  • Jasmine R for Visual Communication Design
  • Frances S for English, Health and Human Development and Psychology
  • Erin S for Integrated Technologies (VET)
  • Jessica W for Food Studies
  • Paige Y for English and Theatre Studies.

A score of 40 or more places the student in the top 9% of the state for that subject.

The following students achieved a score of 40 or more in four or more subjects:

  • Elena C for Biology, Chemistry, English, French and Specialist Mathematics
  • Zoe H for Art Creative Practice, Biology, Chemistry and English Language
  • Frances S for Chemistry, English, Health and Human Development and Psychology
  • Jessica W for Biology, English, Food Studies and Psychology
  • Paige Y for Chemistry, English, Physics, Theatre Studies

The following students achieved a score of 40 or more in three subjects:

  • Zoe A for Business Management, General Mathematics and Psychology
  • Manaal Afor Biology, English and Health and Human Development
  • Genevieve H for Art Making and Exhibiting, History: Revolutions and Philosophy
  • Esther J for Geography, Global Politics and History: Revolutions
  • Madeline L for Literature, Media and Philosophy
  • Olivia R for Business Management, General Mathematics and Psychology
  • Anna Z for Chemistry, English and French