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Connecting to the Wider Community through Technology

Recently, the Kinder children in the Early Learning Centre participated in a Virtual Classroom, where we learnt about farming in Australia.

We used a smartboard to look at and talk to children from schools all around Australia, as well as two farmers from a large cattle farm in New South Wales.

Before the session began, the girls brainstormed a range of different questions they would like to ask the farmers. During the session, we used the chat function to ask Farmer Tara about life on the farm.

“What do you do on the farm?”  — Jeanette
“How do they get the milk?” — Maddie
“What is on the cow’s ears?” — Gurnaaz

This experience allowed the children to explore concepts related to the environment and the challenges our wider community has faced during the recent bushfires and ongoing drought. This is something that the girls have been talking about at Kinder, with some of the children role-playing fire fighters and "saving the animals" in their play.

It was great for the children to see two female farmers running their farms, as female farmers are not often represented in children’s books or in the media.

We are excited to continue exploring innovative ways to learn that incorporate technology and a range of other STEM concepts within the Kinder program.

Emily Franceschi
Kinder Teacher