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Recently our Early Learning Centre students have been engaging in STEM while learning offsite.

After the success of the Eureka Challenge, where the student had to create the tallest tower they could out of materials found at home, the Kinder girls (or Naval Engineers) embarked on a new venture – The Titanic Challenge! 

First, we conducted a class experiment on Zoom, where the girls were asked to bring a tub of water and a few items. The girls took turns predicting whether the item would sink or float by showing their thumbs up or down. Our results were recorded, and then the girls were instructed to get to work creating their very own floating device. Each device was unique, with the girls using a range of different resources from sponges, boxes, toilet rolls and paper for their creation. Some girls ran into trouble when their boats got a leak in them, got wet or even sank! 

Our Kinder Naval Engineers needed to use their problem-solving skills and refer to the data collected during their experiment to find a solution. The girls proudly showed off their floating devices on Zoom.

Emily Franceschi
Kinder Teacher