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Ivanhoe Girls’ is a place where students can achieve anything they set their minds to.

It is a place that encourages participation and celebrates success. We pride ourselves on finding the students authentic, valuable activities and forging community collaborations, which offer the students an insight into the diverse opportunities available to them in our region, and seek to take them out of their comfort zone and experience hands-on activities where the rewards are so rich.

With this in mind, all Year 8 students were recently involved in a one-day Technology program run by Faculty of Engineering at Melbourne Polytechnic (formerly the Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE) in Heidelberg West. This program is designed to give all Year 8 students an opportunity to learn about technology and experience hands-on activities related to Metal Fabrication, Welding and Electrical Engineering. As part of this day, the girls participated in a Robotics workshop in the Innovation Station at school creating flat road bridges. Drawing from the Science bridge building skills, they created flat road bridges and then programmed a robotic Sphero to cross their constructed bridge. 

A highlight of the day, as detailed by the students’ reflections, was the welding workshop:

“My favourite activity of the day was making a candlestick holder using welding. At the start I was way too scared to turn the flames on, but I eventually faced my fears and I’m super happy I did because it was an amazing experience!” — Genevieve
“I really enjoyed welding the most because it was something you wouldn’t usually experience in your daily life. It was quite scary at first but then it was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot.”  — Nadia
“I never thought that I would heat metal to its melting point but that’s exactly what I did on our Year 8 excursion to Melbourne Polytechnic. We did lots of fun activities but my favourite was definitely welding. We made candle holders from scratch, which included sanding and shaping the metal, stamping our initials into it and welding the parts together. It was really fun and I would definitely do it again.”  — Olivia