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This term, the Year 4 students have been learning about the different life cycles of living things and how the environment supports or threatens these stages of life.

At the museum, it was fantastic to see so many students thoughtfully exploring the Bugs Alive Exhibition, where they consolidated what they have learned in class and shared new facts about insect life cycles with each other. Armed with a life cycle "scavenger hunt", students moved through the interactive exhibit to find out about insect classification; metamorphosis; introduced species; and much more. Some brave Year 4s even managed to go face-to-face with a tarantula! 

After the fun of the museum, the two classes headed next door to the IMAX 3D theatre. Here, they watched a special screening of The Flight Of The Butterflies, a factual story about the migration of the Monarch Butterfly from Texas to Mexico. Everyone enjoyed being able to (almost) touch the butterflies as they seemingly flew around the theatre. 

On returning to school, each student reflected on their learning in their own way, writing poems, information reports, recounting the day and by drawing pictures of what they had seen. 

Michelle Everest
4E Teacher

A Butterfly’s Life Poem 

Destiny to fly to flower fields,
An amazing life cycle spinning in wheels.
Milkweed with poison, not a pleasant meal.
Caterpillars crawling into a shape,
Other insects find it is bait.
Cocoon or chrysalis whichever you will take,
Changing, growing, changing its shape.
Emerging, flying, changing its name.

Sophie (Year 4)