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In Year 3 last term we learned all about our emotions: what they are called, what they look like, what triggers certain emotions and how we can control and manage strong emotions such as being furious or distraught.

One strategy we have focused on for managing emotions is relaxation or mindfulness exercises. We learnt many different exercises including deep breathing, tensing our muscles like an ice cube and then melting like water, and balloon breathing.

Having become emotional management experts, we wanted to share our knowledge and expertise with our younger peers, to help them be able to better manage their big emotions. Year 3G’s buddies are the Prep students, and given that it was their first term of school we thought they might be experiencing some pretty strong emotions they may need help controlling. With this in mind we created beautiful pinwheels for each of our buddies. We learnt a mindful routine to accompany the pinwheels, which involved gentle breathing and focusing on the spinning of the wheel. Then came the exciting bit: we visited our buddies and guided each of them through the mindful exercise.

We loved watching our Prep buddies’ excitement at receiving their pinwheel, and to see their faces as they experienced the calming effects of mindfulness. We hope they are able to use the routine we taught them to effectively manage their own emotions!

Sonya Geraets
Year 3G Classroom Teacher