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School Captain Winona and Vice-Captain Charlotte

2020 was a year of hardships and unprecedented difficulties from which we learnt many new and valuable lessons. 

For us, we were hit with the realisation that in life there are many things that are easily taken for granted. Whether that be a school assembly in Centre Ivanhoe or just having fun at lunch with friends, 2020 highlighted the significance of the little joys in life. 

As the 2021 School Captains, we both agree that this year should be one that is filled with excitement and laughter. To make up for lost time, we would like to embrace and promote school opportunities in order to strengthen the Ivanhoe Girls’ community. This includes speaking out and educating the student body on important societal issues. 

As young women of this powerful generation, we would love to make an impactful change within the school, as well as in the wider community. Being leaders of the school gives us the ability to positively influence and embolden younger students, which is a priority of ours. We hope to amplify the voices of other students, particularly by making the prefect team more accessible. 

With our vision encompassing all of these key points, it is our ambition to make the year of 2021 an unforgettable one.

Winona, School Captain, and Charlotte, Vice Captain