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Leading up to National Reconciliation Week in the ELC

This term the ELC children are learning about First Nations cultures.

Each class is exploring this in a different way and incorporating elements of sustainability, connection to the land, Acknowledgement of Country, storytelling and music. This week in the Kinder group we saw all children (in their preferred way) become very involved in learning about rubbish and the impact this has on our environment, or 'country'.

  • Jocelyn - If the turtles swim and eat rubbish they will get so sick and their mums will be just so worried
  • Florence - We need water for frogs. Water for Tiddalik! Frogs swim in nice water not yucky water
  • Ariana - The rubbish goes outside in the bin and not the water. It will make the animals die! There are jellyfish in the water
  • Clara - If we leave the rubbish everywhere that’s just bad. Everything will be so smelly, too.

PrePrep has been learning about the land we are on and building an understanding of why we do an Acknowledgement of Country. We have been discussing how a very long time ago the Wurundjeri people lived where we are now, and that they lived in harmony with nature only taking what they needed and caring for the environment.

  • Arianna – We only take what we need. You can’t take all of it or there will be no food for the animals
  • Grace S – It wouldn’t be kind to use the whole tree.

The theme for this year's Reconciliation Week is 'Be a voice for all generations'. As the children continue to learn ways to protect the land, animals, and people, they are being a 'voice' for future generations to come.  Families are invited to decorate a cardboard heart with words or pictures to represent what reconciliation means to them. We are looking forward to creating a ‘Sea of Hearts’ and for this to further inspire discussion and action within our ELC community.

Ms Bernadette Gioia, Director of the Early Learning Centre
and Ms Emily Franceschi, Kinder Teacher