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The development of focused School Values will drive our purpose and direction 

In early 2022, Ivanhoe Girls’ commenced the process of defining School Values or ‘Core Values’ which were specific and relevant to our School community. We were conscious that many schools often promote similar or ‘cookie cutter’ values, however we wanted our Values to be tailored so that we may use them as a foundation for our purpose and direction into the future. 

The most important things driving us through the development of these Values were - we wanted them to be strong and concise; to mean something; and reflect the unique culture and environment that is Ivanhoe Girls’.

We want to ensure that our Values:

  • Drive communitybelonging and respect
  • Help decision-making and collaborationwhat matters to us and how we support each other
  • Educate the community about our identitywho we are
  • Deliver consistencywhat we say and do.

We began the discussion at the Staff Conference in April 2022 and with an aim to promote and strengthen relationships across the School; explore our culture and why values matter; and create and develop a set of Values that reflect us.

The three questions posed at the Conference were:

  1. What brings us together as a School community?
  2. What distinguishes us as a School community?
  3. What behaviours do we value over others?

Out of the staff discussion it became clear that an important aspect of our connectedness comes from our traditions and our shared values.

In 2019 we characterised our School as a forward-thinking community of learners who are thoughtful in our choices and brave in our actions. Four years on, after broad consultation with the 2022 Student Prefects, the Student Representative Council, staff and Parents’ Association, we have refined who we are by articulating our five Core Values:

We're brave, not perfect. We encourage each other to give things a go, speak up, and be our true selves.

We're thriving, creating, and growing. We give opportunities our all, contributing with passion and purpose.

We want to know why, to spark new ideas, to welcome an alternative view, to understand others, to be forever learning.

We are empathetic and respectful of others and our environment. We embrace differences as they expand and challenge our thinking. We all belong.

We are consciously generous in our thinking and actions towards others and ourselves. We nurture authentic relationships.

In addition to outstanding academic outcomes, if our students can graduate from our School as kind, curious, brave, connected and vibrant young adults, they are well prepared to take responsibility for their own lives and to effect positive change in the lives of others.

Embedding our new School Values will help the Ivanhoe Girls' community to live with direction and purpose – providing us with a guiding compass and establish a positive School climate and culture, and show us a path forward and inform our actions and choices. 

We are working together to ensure that our new School Values inform every aspect of school life from ELC through to Year 12, parents, staff and our wider school community. The School Values will be integrated and underpin all our learning and wellbeing programs, processes and who we are and want to be well into the future.

Ms Melanie Dow
Director of Communications and Marketing
Mrs Davina McClure
Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School

The Ivanhoe Girls' School Values