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Our students recently took part in a mock trial at Monash University.

Is Martin Joseph Jackson guilty of insurance fraud and destruction of property? That was the question Bonnie, Lily, Mayce and I had to answer in our mock trial in October at Monash University.

Over the past few weeks the four of us had been working hard to prepare our case. On the day of the mock trial we travelled to Monash University where we prepared to deliver our defence of Mr Jackson against the prosecution team from Scotch College. The room was set up similar to a court room, with the prosecution and defence on each side and the judge in the middle. The case was presided over by Justice Marcia Neave, a former judge of the Supreme Court.

The senior counsel for Scotch started first with questioning of their witness Ms Barbra White. Mayce, our junior counsel, then ruthlessly cross examined Ms White. Next up our witness and the defendant Mr Jackson (played by Lily) took the stand to first be questioned by Bonnie our senior council regarding his side of events and then to undergo a cross examination by Scotch. Finally to sum up, a Scotch student first gave his theory of how the events occurred followed by my theory of the case as second junior counsel for the defence. 

In the end we were just beaten by Scotch in what Justice Neave said was a difficult decision. It was a great day and we plan to be back next year!

Charlotte (Year 10)

Image: Bonnie, Mayce, Charlotte and Lily at Monash University