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Eva Brooks (Class of 1990) shares how her background in Law has shaped her approach to HR in her role as Asia Pacific Director of Recruitment, EY.

During my years at Ivanhoe Girls’, you could typically find me playing my cello somewhere. Music was my life, and I was lucky enough to be the School Music Captain in Year 12. I wasn’t sure about my future career, and back when I was at school, Career Counsellors and Morrisby Testing weren’t a thing. On my university preference list, I had listed Music Therapy and Nursing because I wanted to help people. When I got my VCE results, I put the idea of music therapy aside and studied the more ‘practical’ option of Arts/Law at Monash University. I practised as a Lawyer for a few short years before I decided it wasn’t for me. There are so many things you can do with a law degree, but I never knew about all the options.

Having this experience lit the fire in me to pursue a secondary career in Human Resources – if I found the world of careers so tricky to navigate, could I help others navigate theirs?

For the last 20 years, I have loved my career in HR. In my current role at global consulting firm EY, I lead over 200 recruitment professionals hiring over 25,000 people a year across Asia Pacific. My role is global and strategic, working across 150 countries to drive change in attracting and recruiting people and providing a platform for amazing careers.

In today’s world of technology, brand power, social equity and the changing nature of work, every day brings unique and creative challenges. I use my legal skills regularly, too, the degree and early career experience were not in vain. I gained post-graduate qualifications in HR as part of making this transition from law, and just last month completed my qualifications in Career Education and Development, formalising my career coaching skills

At Ivanhoe Girls’ I was able to be curious and try new things, whether it was fencing or afterschool pottery. This mindset of exploration underpins my philosophy on careers – be curious and try new things. This is how you uncover your interests, passions, skills and purpose, and continue to learn and grow. I still play my cello and sing with an award-winning folk music ensemble, and in my day job, helping people is at the centre of what I do.