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2019 Vice Captain Hannah reflects on her time at Ivanhoe Girls'.

Hannah (Class of 2019)

When I initially agreed to write this, I thought it would be simple. A few words on my experience at Ivanhoe Girls’? Piece of cake – I’d finished VCE Literature for goodness sake!

On reflection, however, this has not been easy. How to sum up the most formative eight years of my life in under 300 words? I could write about the unlikely bonds formed with people, or the teams I got to be a part of, or maybe that bizarre incident in Year 10 involving stolen milk and someone’s blazer being hidden in the communal fridge.

However, aside from the fond and sometimes weird memories, there are a few standout things that my time here has taught me that I will always keep in mind:

  • Stick together and value the people around you. During my VCE years, I started realising the importance of sisterhood and of working together within my cohort. VCE is never easy but everybody is in the same boat, suffering the same pressure and stress. Put aside your differences and embrace what you share with these girls because they will be your anchors
  • Have confidence in your convictions and express them without shame. In a world where girls are often discouraged from being too assertive, Ivanhoe Girls' made me feel that it was cool to have opinions. I always felt that I was taken seriously – as a leader, as a student or even just ranting to friends at lunchtime. Be empowered to take action on issues that you are passionate about and to pursue the interests that really fire you up
  • Get involved! Don’t be afraid to step outside the safety of your Year Level Centre. While daunting at first, some of my best memories from my time at Ivanhoe Girls’ took place in teams, groups and clubs with very cool people that I otherwise would never have met.

So, while it’s strange to be leaving behind what was once such a big part of my life, I am so grateful for everything that I will take with me from it.

This article originally appeared in the July 2020 edition of Lux Mea Magazine.