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What have we learnt from Generation Z and Alpha?

For most of us, COVID has somewhat derailed how we envisaged 2021 to be. And it would be easy for us to focus on the disappointment and the letdowns that we individually and collectively have experienced. 

Louisa Scerri, Director of Learning
and Innovation

Amongst the saturation of media coverage on the pandemic, I am constantly amazed at the capacity of our students to step up to the challenge. Their resilience, their capacity to be adaptable and their willingness to be active participants in their learning is what will be my takeaway from 2021. 

It has rekindled the passion I have in education. And reminded many of us of the crucial role schools play in developing not only a love of learning but nurturing the diverse talents of the young people in our care and providing them with environments where they can thrive.

There has been much written about the need for Generation Z (born between 1995-2009) and Generation Alpha (born between 2010 and 2024) to develop transferrable skills. McCrindle and Fell’s book titled Educating Generation Alpha proposes that the rapidly changing landscape of the twenty first century requires young people to graduate with transferable skills such as:

Technology Literacy
Problem Solving
Work Ethic
Communication Skills
The Ability to Learn
Personal Motivation
Time Management
Critical Thinking
Problem Solving

Remarkably, it is these very skills that have been visible and practiced by our students and teachers as we have worked together to ensure that we engage in offsite learning. It has been impressive to watch our students rise to the challenge. And humbling to recognise how important human connection is for all of us.  When chatting to my Year 10s it was the simple things they missed most about not being physically at school.

"I miss just simply walking up the hill and having Vera, the Lollipop Lady, say good morning" - Xin Di

"I miss walking to classes and being in the Year 10 centre all together" - Manaa

"I miss talking, exchanging ideas, and enjoying each other’s company"  - Sophia

 "I miss co-curricular activities and mixing with other Year levels"  - Saambavi

And when asked what they were looking forward to the response was unanimous: "being back together". 

Every generation faces challenges: for Generation Z and Alpha this is yours. And it is a challenge that has shown us how remarkable you are.

Ms Louisa Scerri
Director of Innovation and Learning

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