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The 2019 Writer in Residence program has kicked off with a bang. Years 7 and 9 students are enjoying writing workshops with local author Kirsty Murray. The Year 9s have continued their exploration of selected genres as part of their English program, including horror, romance, dystopia and fantasy. In their workshops Year 7s are playing with developing place and scene setting, using all their senses to imagine a beloved location.

Year 9 Horror Vignette

Myra stopped walking. Jet noticed and stopped too, reaching out in the dark for the hand he knew Myra was holding out to him. He found it and held on tight because he knew that if Myra was there he was safe. For a few seconds their shallow breathing was all they could hear in the still night, but still Myra listened.

Yolanda (Year 9)

Year 7 Places of the Heart Vignette

Abbey Court, School Lane, Hamble. I haven’t been here for years. The salty smell of seaside air brushes against my face, sailors yell from the yacht club. Placing my hand flat against the front door, it opens with a gentle shove and I can see four-year-old me, cold and wet, standing by the AGA stove. My Aunt Elizabeth, should be in Melbourne, holding up a pair of freshly made underwear as my younger self giggles uncontrollably. I wander through the house. The fuzzy beige carpet, covered by various rug, the old couches Grandma brought to Melbourne. It looks like four year old me brought my Hawks shirt.

Emily (Year 7)

Year 9 fantasy class

My Year 9 fantasy class took part in a wonderful workshop with fantasy writer Kirsty Murray. I really enjoyed the workshop and loved looking at different aspects of fantasy and exploring our imaginations and ideas. It was a fun and educational experience that included discussion, writing and sharing. We looked at our hands and what meaning people have placed upon the lines we saw. Kirsty described how we give things meaning and how this can be used effectively in writing. We learned about the two types of fantasy; high fantasy and low fantasy. We looked at the qualities of both and discussed our thoughts on both. On a handout, we were given a list of magical objects of power. We shared ideas and were given a chance to choose an object and describe its properties, provenance and prophecy. This was a great way to experience, think and explore the object and practise using descriptive writing skills. These fantastic activities provided an excellent learning experience where we experimented with different ideas to do with our genre fantasy.

Liv (Year 9)