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Earlier this month our Year 6 students experienced a full-day Student Leadership Incursion called "Aspire Higher".

The purpose of this engaging workshop was to bring together our Junior School Leaders and encourage them to have a positive and lasting impact on our school community.

With fun activities to get the students thinking about the true meaning of leadership, the students found new revelations throughout the day to apply to their roles as leaders of the School.

What I took away from this enlightening experience was a particular quote: “The only limitations you have are the ones set up in your own mind”. This was very inspiring to me and made me push forward and try things I generally wouldn’t. I also learned the important values of teamwork and cooperation.

Adele Bilney

There were many fun activities throughout the day and we got to experience what it is like to be a leader. We learnt what ASPIRE means: A-action S-serve P-persist I-influence R-respect E-encourage. We had fun at everything we did and tried our best in every way. We learnt that having a badge does not make you a better leader; what makes you a better leader is the actions you choose.

Sascha B and Sienna P

My main take-away from the leadership incursion is that it’s great to work together as a team in random groups. I got to meet different people, people I don’t normally work with. I’ll use this during the year by working with a variety of people, not always being with our good friends

Matilda Thompson

My main take-away from the UPP leadership incursion is to encourage others to keep going even if the challenge is hard! In the incursion there were lots of challenges that involved meeting new people. In the future I will be more aware of what a leader is, and will remember that to be a leader you do not have to have a badge. The incursion was such a fun way to learn about leadership.

Cleo Hill