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Our School Pastoral Care in Junior School

In the Junior School at Ivanhoe Girls', there is a style of learning and therefore pastoral care that best suits girls and we know that if girls develop confidence early on they do not lose it.

Throughout the Junior School years we follow a continuum of personal and social capabilities under four headings:

  • Self-Awareness: recognising emotions: understanding themselves as learners; developing reflective practice
  • Self-Management: expressing emotions appropriately; developing self-discipline and set goals; working independently and show initiative; becoming confident, resilient and adaptable
  • Social Awareness: Appreciating diverse perspectives; contributing to society; understanding relationships.
  • Social Management: communicating effectively; working collaboratively; making decisions; negotiating and resolving conflict; developing leadership skills.

These social and emotional skills form the basis of our pastoral care program that is taught explicitly and implicitly through a range of experiences and opportunities:

  • our Integrated Unit studies Science, Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) in particular Personal, Social Health
  • strong student-teacher relationships with expectations tailored to the developmental stage of the child
  • student led Assemblies and Church Services
  • sport teams in Years 5 and 6
  • sport and House events such as cross country, netball, soccer swimming, reading
  • class-initiated Social Service activities in Years 2-6
  • character strengths in Years 5 and 6
  • camps in Years 3-6
  • student buddies from ELC to Year 5
  • leadership opportunities in Years 1-6
  • public speaking and performances in Prep to Year 6
  • lunch time Clubs
  • being safe: cyber safety taught explicitly in the classroom and with external experts in Years 2-6
  • social skills with the School Counsellor and an external expert in Year 4
  • mindfulness with the School Counsellor in Year 2
  • sexuality and health education with external experts in Years 4-6
  • specific thinking tools explicitly taught at each year level from Prep to Year 6
  • music performances individually or in ensembles from Prep to Year 6.