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Our School Pastoral Care in Junior School

At Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School, a focus on the individual is at the core of all we do. 

In Junior School, the pastoral care team, led by the class teacher, helps students develop strategies and social skills to nurture and support their emotional and social development. Each girl is valued as an individual and encouraged to strive for her personal best. The caring relationship between the class teacher and each individual student fosters a strong sense of belonging and enhances girls’ self-esteem and resilience. This provides the best possible foundation for learning and enables them to flourish. 

Beyond the classroom and into the playground there is the highest level of care and interest by staff who have the opportunity to know each girl. 

The Pastoral Care process in Junior School enables class teachers to ensure all staff are aware of any special needs of their students as they arise. The staff and students are supported by our professional qualified counselling team. Our Buddies program in which younger and older Junior School and Early Learning Centre classes and students are paired provides another level of support and connectedness. 

Circles and Conferences

In addition to the many things we do to develop positive relationships, we believe that our Ivanhoe Girls’ version of the Restorative Justice model, which we call ‘Circles and Conferences’, provides a shared language across the School. 

In our classes, Circle Time brings teachers and students together in a way that increases self awareness and positive relationships. The Restorative Justice Model script has prompted us to focus on helping students take responsibility for their behaviour and consequences which helps students work through what the problem was and how they felt and what action is needed.

In Circles and Conferences we strive to reach:

Shared Understanding

  • What happened?
  • How do you feel about it?
  • How have you been affected?
  • Who else has been affected?
  • Why do you think you feel this way?

Commitment to Action

  • What do we need to achieve?
  • What are some ways we can achieve that
  • Which of these ways seems most practical and acceptable (to both parties)

We want to give the girls a chance to share how they are  feeling and time to reflect on this and then look forward to the future.