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Our School House Activities in Senior School

Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School has six Houses, with names taken from the novel Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott.

The House System at Ivanhoe Girls' provides students with valuable leadership and teamwork experiences. The cross-age nature of many activities facilitates nurturing relationships between girls of different age levels, while students in Senior years are expected to perform leadership and organisational roles within their House group.

During annual activities such as sporting events and arts carnivals, the levels of House pride and enthusiasm on display is infectious and the support for each other is a sight to behold. 

House Activities held throughout the year draw on the many talents and interests of students from all age levels. They include: 

  • Art and Craft and Photography Competition 
  • Athletics Carnival
  • Swimming and Diving Carnival
  • Performing Arts Carnival 
  • Basketball 
  • Cross country
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Soccer
  • Softball.

Each student is allocated to a House upon enrolment. Students with relatives who attended the School are allocated to the same house as their relatives. 

The House Performing Arts Carnival is a student-run event where each House has the opportunity to put on a drama, music and dance piece for the entire School. Throughout the event, it's truly amazing to hear the amount of support that all the students have for each other when they perform. — Georgia, School Captain 2019