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Reflections from our VET Certificate III in Applied Languages (Chinese) Class

On 27 October 2022, several Year 11 students completed their last assessment outcome for their VET Certificate III in Applied Language (Chinese). The task of role-playing a scene in a Chinese restaurant setting marked the group’s end of a five-year Chinese learning journey at Ivanhoe Girls', allowing them to stop and reflect on their time.


"I never would have thought when I started Chinese in Year 7 that I would still be here five years later. However, all of the hard work and stress has been worth it, learning the Chinese language has taught me about a new culture and has given me so many amazing experiences. In particular this year, I have thoroughly enjoyed learning Chinese, from making dumplings to endless Sovereign Hill oral presentations. Our Year 11 class has been a fun environment where we have laughed and learned so much. I’m so grateful I have been able to learn Chinese and I will miss our class and teacher greatly. 再见朋友和江老师,谢谢."


"Sitting in my last Chinese class and reflecting on all the memories I am so grateful to all my peers and teachers for making Chinese such a warm and welcoming environment. I am so lucky to have been given the opportunity to learn Chinese, and will forever be appreciative of everything I have learnt. 谢谢同学和江老师"


“Learning Chinese for the past five years has exposed me to all the different aspects of Chinese culture. It has been one of the best subjects since Year 7, and I am going to miss the positive class environment which has become such an important part of my school experience.”


“As we write these stories, we have just spent the last half hour laughing over our favourite memories from Chinese. This year especially, we have learnt so much, not only about the language but culture too. I truly encourage all students to continue learning it, you will gain so many precious memories. At times it can be hard, our friends and family can attest to our excessive complaining about the fashion unit, but mostly it’s crazy fun.”


"Chinese class these past five years has been one of the highlights of my time at Ivanhoe Girls', and I will always cherish the memories I have made with my friends and teachers!"


"Chinese has been such a fun and interesting subject, and I have always enjoyed coming to class and learning not only the language but so many aspects of culture, whether it be watching Chinese TV shows in class or making dumplings in Hillsley!  I will definitely miss Chinese, and cherish all the memories we have made over the last five years."


“Chinese was the best class ever, every class was like having a family discussion about China. I will miss 我的朋友和老师."


“From learning simple characters like ‘fire’ and ‘tree’ in Year 7 to more complex units in Year 11 and our yearly unit on Chinese new year, the past five years of Chinese class has not only taught me the language but also about the culture.”


“Learning Chinese has been such a great way to engage with Chinese culture, from cooking traditional dishes to using the language in real-world situations.”


"Chinese has been by far the most enjoyable, fun and useful subject I’ve studied at school. Stopping Chinese will be a massive loss, both because of this incredible learning experience and this amazing class. 再见朋友们."


“Right now we are sitting together on a big table in our last Chinese double, reflecting on the last five years that we have learnt Chinese. I started not really understanding the language in Year 7, but after persisting I found it very enjoyable learning about the culture, making dumplings and how to make general conversation. Our Year 11 class has been the best group, making every class very fun, with lots of laughs but of course, also learning a little bit of Chinese on the side! I will miss our class and the fun memories we have made together, especially with the best Chinese teacher, 江老师!"

The 2022 Year 11 VET III Applied Languages (Chinese) Class