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Our School VCE Studies

Years 11 and 12 provide exciting opportunities for academic pursuits and personal growth.

All senior students’ at Ivanhoe Girls' are regarded as role models for the younger students and set a fine example in terms of conduct and the ethos of the school. 

Increasingly, the focus of students’ VCE years is on independent learning, accepting responsibility together with leadership and service. 

VCE Subjects

Students typically complete 22 units; 12 units (six studies) at Year 11, and 10 units (five studies) at Year 12. 

In addition, all Year 11 girls undertake both Ethics and Physical Recreation, while all Year 12 girls undertake General Studies.

*Subjects marked with an asterisk are available to Year 10 students

VCE Subjects
Business Management*
Computing* (Units 1 & 2 only)
English / English EAL
English Language 1 / English 2 (Year 11)
English Language 2020 (Year 12)
Food Studies*
Global Politics (Units 3 & 4 only)
Health and Human Development*
History: 20th Century* (Units 1 & 2 only)
History: Revolutions (Units 3 & 4 only)
Australian History (Units 3 & 4 only)
Legal Studies*
Chinese – First Language*
Chinese – Second Language*
Chinese Second Language (Advanced) (Units 3 & 4 only)
VET: Certificate III (Mandarin) Part B (Units 1 & 2 only)
Mathematics: Further Mathematics
Mathematical Methods*
Specialist Mathematics
Music Performance*
Physical Education *
Psychology (Units 3 & 4 only)
Software Development (Units 3 & 4 only
Studio Arts
Theatre Studies
VET: Interactive Digital Media (Multimedia) Certificate II* (Units 1 & 2 only)
VET: Interactive Digital Media (Multimedia) Certificate III (Units 3 & 4 only)
Visual Communication Design*