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Our School Years 9 and 10

By Years 9 and 10, students have a greater understanding of themselves and their indvividual passions, and have developed the confidence to challenge themselves. 

By Years 9 and 10, students are beginning to assert themselves as individuals with powerful voices, and many develop an interest in social justice initiatives, such as the Amnesty International Club, Climate Council and charity work. At the same time, students are emotionally ready to challenge themselves emotionally, socially and academically.

The Year 9 Program at Ivanhoe Girls' is about meeting those challenges with an array of exciting opportunities to expand learning, while offering the stability and support of the School environment.

From Outdoor Education camps, Leadership Days, initiatives with industry-based groups, and the TREK program, students experience a range of opportunities designed to challenge their thinking and develop real-world skills. 


The semester-long Year 9 subject, TREK, is an enquiry-based journey based on the concepts of Know, Think, Create and Connect. Students are challenged to work towards a personal goal of their choosing, with projects as varied as Stand-Up Comedy and Swimming Time Trials.

In another element of the TREK program, students learn new skills, such as woodworking and mechanics, and use technological tools such as 3D printers and laser cutters. They learn design principles and apply their knowledge to a variety of creative tasks. 

Finally, their newly developed skills are put to use in the Community Engagement component of the program. Students work together on a project with a connection to the broader community. This may be achieved through working with an external agency or creating a social enterprise. Often students design and develop products to sell to staff and students, while raising awareness of a social justice issue at the same time.

Year 9 and 10 Core Subjects
English (Year 9)
English/EAL (Year 10)
History -The Making of the Modern World
Religious Education
Physical Education
Health (Year 9 only)
Chinese or French
Year 9 Electives offered in 2021
Creative Media in Film
Study Skils
Consumer Power
Criminal Minds
Global Innovations
History Mysteries
The Places You'll Go: Independent Investigation
What's Happening on Planet Earth?
App Development and Coding
Web Development and 3D Printing
Creative Music
Creative Music and Performance
Drama and Theatre Arts
Visual Arts - Art
Visual Art - Photography
Visual Art - Studio Arts
Food Studies
Outdoor Education
VCE VET Certificate II (Mandarin)
Year 10 Electives offered in 2021
Creative Media in Film
Literature 1 & 2
Biology 1 & 2
The Mind and Me
Accounting 1 & 2
Business Management 1 & 2
Commerce and Law
Economics 1 & 2
Geography 1 & 2
Global Powers in the Global Arena
History: 20th Century 1 & 2
Human Rights: Everyone and Everywhere
Legal Studies 1 & 2
Philosophy 1 & 2
The Roaring Twenties - The Age of Excess
Weimar and Nazi Germany
Computing 1 & 2
Digital Design
VCE VET Interactive Media
Certificate II (Multimedia) 1 & 2
Creative Music
Drama and Theatre Studies
Music Performance 1 & 2
Theatre Studies 1 & 2
Visual Arts - Art
Visual Arts - Photography
Visual Arts - Studio Arts
Visual Communications and Design 1 & 2
Food Studies (Year 10 and 1 & 2)
Health and Human Development 1& 2
Outdoor Education
Physical Education 1 & 2
Chinese First Language 1 & 2
Chinese Second Language 1 & 2
French 1 & 2
VCE VET Certificate III in Mandarin (Part A)