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News Monday, 03 May 2021

The Five Aspects of Emotional...

In her final installment, Brett Borbelly considers the role of empathy and social management in...

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News Wednesday, 03 Feb 2021

Message from the School Leaders

A message to the School community from our School Captains.

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News Wednesday, 30 Dec 2020

2020 VCE Results

The School is proud to announce outstanding VCE results.

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News Monday, 14 Dec 2020

Guest Speaker from BAE Systems

Our Year 9 students recently heard from Director of Engineering Capability at BAE Systems, Kirsty Bateman.

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News Wednesday, 04 Nov 2020

New Ivanhoe Girls' Swimming Coach

Ivanhoe Girls’ is proud to announce the appointment of new Ivanhoe Girls’ Swimming Coach, Phil...

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News Monday, 05 Oct 2020

Ivanhoe Girls' Aquatics website

Ivanhoe Girls' Aquatics has a new website! The new site features news updates, staff profiles...

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News Wednesday, 09 Sep 2020

How debating and public speaking...

Activities such as debating and public speaking at school can help students develop important skills.

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News Monday, 07 Sep 2020

Helping students thrive during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed how vital strong connections and relationships are for student wellbeing. ​

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News Wednesday, 02 Sep 2020

How Performing Arts Prepare Students...

Participating in performing arts at school can help students develop skills necessary in the workplace.

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